Vision , Mission and Objectives

To establish knowledge based infrastructure in which all the activities related to beekeeping sector will be found and it contributes nationally and internationally



Consolidation of scientific research by utilizing it for promoting the beekeeping besides developing the skills among researchers, post-graduates, and beekeepers in the Kingdom for optimal utilization of  honey, to increase its share in the national economy,  and to implement the sustainable development of honey bee keeping in the country.


  1. Improving the beekeeping methods and making solutions for the problems and obstacles which hinder the beekeeping industry in the Kingdom.
  2. Cooperating with internationally recognized research and scientific organizations to achieve global partnership in developing beekeeping researches.
  3. Promoting the human knowledge and illustrating the university’s role in developing the bee sector in the country.
  4. Promoting the skills of researchers and graduates.
  5. Promoting the scientific knowledge and professional skills of beekeepers.
  6. Developing a database for bee wealth to facilitate in decision-making and researchers.
  7. Developing comprehensive studies about the domestic bee race.
  8. Developing a rural cadastral map for the nomadic beekeepers.
  9. Promoting the awareness about the importance of honeybees as well as its nutritive, medicinal, and economical values, and also to optimally invest towards this domestic wealth.
  10. Cooperating with the relevant entities inside and outside the Kingdom especially with Ibn Khaldon Development Foundation of Yemen to implements the objectives